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    Your conveniently located veterinarian in Charlton, MA. Call us today at (508) 248-7990 to schedule an appointment!

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  • We treat your pet as if they were our own!

    Helping animals is our passion! This kitty Milton was abandoned and through the efforts of our clients and Dr. Nicholson he found the perfect home! Ask us for his story!

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    Post Road Veterinary Hospital is pleased to provide Dentistry to our patients! Make your dental appointment Today!

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gryphon mccollWelcome to Post Road Veterinary Hospital!

Here at Post Road Veterinary Hospital, we place strong emphasis on preventative health care for your pet and education for you and your family. In addition to routine care and vaccinations, we assist with detection and treatment of disease, wound repair, and much more.  We have surgical, digital radiograph, and dental facilities on site. We encourage any questions you may have for our doctor and staff concerning your furry family member!


Our previous online pharmacy (Proxy Rx) has been sold to another online pharmacy distributor (VetSource). The medications still come directly from our distributors and are backed 100% by the manufacturers. When you choose the shopping cart, you will be asked to create a new account and password with VetSource- much like with Proxy Rx. If you have any problems please give us a call for assistance. Thank you for your patience as we transition!


*A note about our online store: We do NOT use a third party pharmacy. All of the products come directly from our distributors and are the same products we have in the hospital. We have cautioned against buying flea/tick or heartworm prevention over the counter as there is no guarantee you are truly getting the correct product. There are many ‘knockoffs’ and products claiming to be the real thing that may be harmful to your pet. Rest assured that the items you order from our online store are the real deal! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.